Luxury outdoor low tables

Whether curled up under a woollen throw on your immaculate outdoor sofa in the early chill of autumn with a steaming cup of hot chai or reclining with your feet kicked up on a luxury sun lounger in high summer, bestseller in hand – the sturdy, yet elegantly designed Royal Botania low tables offer the ideal solution. Crafted from premium materials and available in a range of aesthetic designs to please the discerning eye, no luxe lounge set is complete without.

Luxury Outdoor Low Tables

Today your outside moments of happiness together are more precious than ever. That’s why we keep on working hard to assure that you can go on living the good life outside. Royal Botania luxury outdoor furniture is all about ‘The Art of Outdoor Living’. Our luxury outdoor low tables are more than surfaces; they are meeting places for memorable moments. Explore our array of premium outdoor low tables.

Outdoors under the beneficent and radiant sun is the best place to enjoy beatuiful moments together with the people we love. A family barbecue, a dinner with friends or a relaxing afternoon at the poolside or vibrant apero time with colleagues, you want to do it in style. With our luxury outside low tables, we want to inspire, delight and bring people together outside.

In the early 90’s, luxury and refined design were limited to indoor spaces and very rarely found outdoors. Our goal was to change that. We formed Royal Botania to create beautiful outdoor spaces. An outside salon with a luxury outdoor low table can make those moments together outside even more comfortable and stylish.

Our inspiring journey over the years has allowed us to channel our creativity and strive for excellence. The end result is a brand that indulges in comfortable, well-crafted, and superbly made outdoor furniture. We hope you will share in our joy and celebration of all things beautiful.

Royal Botania designs iconic outdoor low tables for discerning clientele. By only using the highest quality materials combined with top craftsmanship, we produces sleek, striking furniture collections.

Royal Botania leads the world in creating stunning outdoor furniture for patios, pools, gardens and homes that is both stylish and sustainable.

Sustainable teak wood from our teak plantation

Teak wood, or Tectona Grandis is widely considered the ideal wood choice for outdoor furniture, due to its enormous stability, renowned resistance to the elements and attractive hue. At Royal Botania, we only select mature teakwood for our products, ensuring strength and sustainability in our products.

In 2011, we set up Green Forest Plantation Company and created a plantation with a surface area of approximately 200 hectares. Over 250.000 teak trees were planted there, and are currently thriving. It is our mission to ensure future generations will also be able to harvest and appreciate this natural treasure. By creating a sustainable business model based upon regenerative forest growth, Royal Botania is able to produce finely crafted outdoor furniture with reduced environmental impact.

Royal Botania luxury outdoor low tables are all about enjoying outside moments of relaxation and happiness together. Each Royal Botania design is based on three key factors: design, ergonomics and engineering. We ‘re sure you’ll enjoy the quality and style of our iconic outdoor furniture.