Luxury outdoor dining tables

A dining table is at the heart of every luxury garden furniture collection – the singular item that ties it all together. Sunday morning brunches with sunset-coloured mimosas in hand, evening dinner parties with your dearest friends, or an afternoon spent penning your thoughts in your favourite journal – the elegance and clean design of Royal Botania’s outdoor dining tables make spending time in your garden irresistible.

Luxury outdoor dining tables

Luxury outdoor dining tables from Royal Botania are all about these moments of tranquility, connection and pleasure, things that really matter in life. Enjoying the good life outside together with friends and family – that is what our high-quality outdoor furniture stands for.

Explore our iconic outdoor dining tables on our website: a selection offering beautiful choice of materials and colors. Shop to find the high-end look you want, in the high-end quality you desire.

At Royal Botania, we are convinced that outdoors under the energising sun is the best place to enjoy lovely moments together with the people we love. A barbecue with friends, a family dinner or afternoon at the poolside, apero time with colleagues, you want to do it in style. With our luxurious outside furniture, we want to inspire, delight and bring people together outside.

High-end outdoor furniture

Whether your style is traditional or a little more eclectic, discover the premium outdoor furniture that fits your home. Our priority is to provide pieces that are true to your style. Whether it’s a dining table, coffee table or side table, Tables, Chairs, Lounge sets, Sun loungers, Hammocks, Benches or Other, you’ll find just your style in our wide range of high-end outdoor furniture.

If you want to visualize the multiple ways you can reflect style and personality through gorgeous outdoor Royal Botania furniture, our Inspiration boards will spark your imagination and direct you towards a luxurious sanctuary that speaks to you. Are you intrigued by a patio full of wood, rugged lines and warm colors, or seeking a sleek minimalist garden filled with space and light? Do you want simple and classic, or refined and elegant?

Royal Botania creates iconic outdoor dining tables, with excellent quality and a strong personality that makes each product extremely recognizable at the same time, matchable with all our outdoor chairs.

Outdoor furniture not only has to look great but it also has to be able to withstand being exposed to the elements. Changes in temperature can cause materials to expand and contract, so outdoor tables and chairs need to be designed and treated so that they will not crack or become less stable from season to season. Royal Botania uses only the highest quality materials, like high-quality hardwoods and aluminium, so they are best-suited to last and avoid rot or rust. Our high-tech solution-dyed textiles are durable and colorfast.

Royal Botania luxury outdoor furniture is all about ‘The Art of Outdoor Living’. Today these outside moments of happiness together are more precious than ever. That’s why we keep on working hard for you, to assure that you can go on living the good life outside. Our luxury outdoor dining tables are more than surfaces; they are meeting places for memorable moments. Explore our array of premium outdoor dining, coffee, bar and side tables.