The Urban Oriental outdoor style

Bring the world to your back garden: the Urban Oriental style

The land of the rising sun. Waking up high over the busy streets of Hong Kong or with a view over the Tokyo skyline, with Mount Fuji in the background. The luxurious urban image of the East has many facets. But there is one element that stands out above the rest. The unlikely balance and sense of peace known as Zen.This balance is found everywhere: in sushi, Japanese calligraphy, and even in modern urban architecture. 

It is unmistakable Urban Oriental style: minimalism, sleek lines and large spaces that go hand in hand with natural elements.  

Luckily, there’s no need to go all the way to the Far East to immerse yourself in Urban Oriental styling… In this blog, we will bring the world to you. 

So, how do you integrate Urban Oriental styling in your garden? Read all about it here…


A timeless, minimalistic foundation

If you wish to add Urban Oriental styling to your garden or terrace, just choose simple calm. Large, sleek tiles are an excellent choice. But be careful; include plenty of natural elements too so that you maintain the sense of Zen. 

A lovely bamboo plant will suffice. But, do you have room? If not, plant a Sakura tree; it will provide stunning cherry blossoms once a year. Or, why not go all the way and integrate water features into your design and finish these off with a group of water lilies? And who knows… perhaps a few Koi carp? 

A minimalistic, timeless architectural base creates unparalleled calm in your outdoor areas; the sense of Zen that you are after. This is your blank canvas for a beautiful terrace.

The props should be sleek and calming 

When dressing your outdoor areas, you should choose sleek and minimalistic designs. Nothing should distract from the tranquillity offered by the garden. The NINIX series is the perfect choice. Its timeless designs have been proven time and again; the series has been in the Royal Botania range for over 20 years.

NINIX incorporates the sleek lines of the corresponding architecture within its design. Royal Botania manufactures the series in various metals. But, in order to create the sense of Urban Oriental, we recommend going with stainless steel or coated aluminiumThese materials seamlessly encompass the luxurious, urban, oriental feeling that you aim to generate in your garden. 

Start small for the biggest impact

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large garden, a roof garden or a cosy urban garden. Space is not vital for applying luxurious Eastern urban styling in your outdoor space. 

If you wish to create an Urban Oriental atmosphere in your garden, you must start with the essence. Ask yourself: What do I enjoy doing in my garden or on the terrace? Do I like sitting in the sun and reading? Or welcoming friends for aperitifs? Whatever you do, a comfortable lounge set will allow you to anticipate any occasion.

The NINIX lounge set takes even the smallest areas to the very highest level. The comfortable sofa and stunning low-seaters are ideal. The sleek design is perfect for the oriental look & feel that you are trying to achieve. Particularly if you opt for the ‘Frost Linen’, ‘Linen Uni’ or ‘Natural Linen’ finishes. Their natural colour, combined with the gentle coarseness of the fabric’s texture, creates a truly harmonious result. And why not add a few decorative cushions in Bouclé fabric to add a finishing touch?

Don’t worry about cleaning or maintenance. The NINIX lounge is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. We manufacture our cushions using a high-tech composition with an open-cell structure. As a result, rainwater simply runs through and out of the cushions. So mother nature won’t leave a mark on them. Rather not leave your cushions outside? The NINIX lounge is still the best choice. The Batyline sling on the frame makes it super-comfortable even without cushions.

With this lounge set, you have the basis for your garden or terrace. But there are other opportunities too. Further opportunities for creating this luxurious Eastern urban atmosphere at home. 

Larger spaces, more options

Do you have the space to be a little more creative in your back garden? Then add a few items from abroad. After all, relaxing in the garden ought to feel like a holiday.

We take a look at three places in your garden where you can create a unique Urban Oriental style.

Dining area

There’s nothing better than eating with friends and family. Enjoying the rising or setting sun. So, design your terrace so there is plenty of room for a large dining table. Our NINIX dining table is perfect. They are available in different sizes. So you can comfortably eat at the table with 6 to 10 guests.

And why not match your table with NINIX armchairs to add a finishing touch to this fantastic look? The tables and chairs can be made to 3/4 of the traditional height, allowing you to sit lower to the ground and creating an exceptionally relaxed atmosphere. And aligning you, literally and metaphorically, with the traditions of the East.

Outdoor cocktail bar

Can you see yourself sipping a Singapore Sling in your back garden? Your outdoor oriental cocktail bar will be a real eye-catcher. 

Set up your aperitif corner exactly as you wish. Just make sure it’s a bit ‘out there’. You want to create an exclusive atmosphere, after all. And you can do this with the NINIX bar chairsYou sit a little higher and will have a completely different view of your garden. 

Do you want to make a really big impression on your guests? Then integrate stylish lights behind a thin marble plate as a support in your bar table. Who can resist a delicious, refreshing cocktail to get the evening started?

Pool area

In the East, everything revolves around efficiency and design. And the same goes for your pool area. The NINIX lounger will create a sleek and understated look but there’s much more to it than that. The armrest contains an ingenious system which adjusts the incline of the chair. No support brackets, no visible functional elements. Nothing. The NINIX lounger has been perfected over the years with one goal in mind: creating the perfect pool-side lounger. Choose a stainless steel finish, and a light Batyline, then you will have mastered the Eastern 

Talking of ingenious systems that go hand in hand with stylish and minimalistic design, how about our Palma ParasolThis parasol was the winner of the ‘best of best’ Red Dot awards: the Oscars for Product design. 

The Palma is stunning and does away with the handles, ropes and other systems usually required to open a parasol. You can open and close the Palma with one finger.

Go completely Urban Oriental: discover NINIX

You now have all the tools you need to create a modern, minimalistic world of Zen in your back garden. But don’t limit yourself to our recommendations; you are the architect of your own back garden dreams! And there’s so much more to discover.