Where the sun provides warmth, the shade energises us

There is nothing nicer than a sunny summer’s day. Settle down in your outdoor lounge or on your sun lounger and close your eyes. Now listen to the natural world all around you: the humming of bees searching for pollen, birds looking for twigs to build their nests and a cool breeze wafting through your hair.

You are living in the now. Nothing else matters.

You want moments like these to last forever. And for this, it is best to embrace the shade. A long day in the bright sun is too much of a good thing. So make use of a stylish parasol that invites you to extend this enjoyment for a little longer.

Temper the sunshine for a perfect day

Create a comfortable shady area in your garden with the perfect parasol. This enables you to get the most out of a warm summer’s day without sacrificing the sense of luxury as an umbrella adds a new dimension to your garden. While traditional garden furniture is closer to the ground, a parasol extends upwards. That affects the appearance of your garden or terrace; just like a distinctive tree or shrub. So choose a beautiful, high-quality parasol. The perfect blend of high-end design and optimum quality

Unique in the world, the Palma

Nowhere in the world can you find the same type of parasol as the Palma. This unique, organic sunshade is characterised by its patented system. The Palma differs from traditional models that are opened using a rotary or pulley system. The Palma uses none of these.

Behind the sleek design of the Palma lies a groundbreaking piece of engineering work. It opens and closes without any fiddling, with just one finger: a single click suffices. Take a step back and see how the Palma unfurls smoothly.

Furthermore, the Palma can also be moved effortlessly. The base of the parasol is beautifully designed to integrate with the pole. The edge of the base is mobile, making it easy to move the Palma.

The Palma is 3m wide. Are you after a larger version with the same look and an amazing opening system? Then consider her big sister: the Bloom parasol. Or do you prefer more traditional models? Then find out about our Shady.

The ultimate way to enjoy the shade

Lying in your garden, you can imagine yourself in a luxury resort. Because even the best hotels around the world know the appeal of shade. That is why the Wave Hammock is so popular with them. Countless happy hotel guests are at this very moment letting go of their worries in this beautiful designer hammock. Although there are also plenty of villa owners swaying back and forth in the Wave Hammock.

The comfort of the mattress of this hammock is without compare. Lie down, close your eyes and enjoy the warm temperatures. The umbrella shade protects you from the sun’s excesses so you can lie there for hours without having to worry about anything.

Opting for the shade?

Then take a look at all the high-end parasols and top quality hammocks & sun loungers from Royal Botania to get the ultimate enjoyment from your garden this summer.