Steal away to the still waters of your Scandinavian sanctuary

Majestic fjords, the gentle rustling of sweet grass and elk sedge, banks of forlorn grey clouds against the frost blue sky…The ethereal beauty of the North beckons you back to nature, and who are you to decline? 

Whether your ideal getaway is a luxury log home with wood’s warm accents to welcome you or the soft grey and clean lines of a modern build to still your thoughts and instil a sense of tranquillity – Royal Botania’s Alura Collection is an essential element of the perfect terrace design.

Imagine a rustic terrace on the fens, the gentle blackbird piercing the silence with its sweet song, and you… You’ve succumbed to the allure of the Alura Lounge’s soft, inviting cushions, supported by an expertly crafted, flowing frame of powder-coated aluminium.

As the sun wanes, you and your friends light a scattering of tea lights on the smooth surface of the table extensions. Alura is generous with its modular, high-end design, and you’ve selected a set-up with plenty of room for those closest to you to snuggle up under hand-knit woollen throws with steaming mugs of hot cocoa close at hand.

Light the fire pit laden with applewood, juniper or pine. Against the play of shadows, the chilly air infused with the aromatic scent of the flames – embrace the hygge that you, your loved ones, and Royal Botania create. 

Embrace serenity with a hint of sophistication

Royal Botania’s Alura Collection is the epitome of elegance in outdoor design furniture, but… its simplicity also imbues it with a warm-hearted, cosy vibe. Available in three natural colours – black, white, and sand – the gentle flow of the aluminium frame radiates strength.

And that strength, combined with softness, solidity, and hygge’s inextinguishable spark of warmth are your Scandinavian sanctuary’s magic ingredients. Amid the turmoil, you find your still centre, surrounded by nature’s simple beauty and the merry company of those you love.

Royal Botania invites you to indulge in the best of life. Luxury design, Nordic values of hearth and home – you can have it all.

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