Plush outdoor living – supreme comfort for every day

Soft curves, warm wood, and luxurious, plush cushions beckon enticingly. Have a seat, relax, and let time slip by, nestled blissfully in your Mambo Lounge. Mambo is Royal Botania’s solution to the hard edges of nine-to-five life and all those to-do lists. 

High-end outdoor design in calming colours with a hint of Bohemian mystique reminds you that you should be good to yourself, indulge in luxury built to last.

So, run your fingers over the smooth wooden frame, grab your favourite chenille blanket, and curl up with a good book. The guests will be arriving soon, but for now, all you have to do is let go. Enjoy.

Mambo – modular luxury and the cushiest cushions

Hard lines, cold steel, bare seats that leave you eager to rush back inside or take a languorous dip in the pool instead… Some folks have funny ideas about outdoor design furniture. Before you develop them, Royal Botania would like to introduce you to its 2022 Mambo Lounge Collection – the cosiest luxury terrace solution.

Featuring thick, plush cushions to put you on Cloud Nine, gently curved warm wooden frames, and a sense of ineffable indulgence ­– Mambo whisks your imagination off to bright breakfast Mimosas, afternoons of lazy reading (no one will say a word if you nod off…), and evenings spent under a canopy of stars with family. 

Comfort, luxury, and versatility

Royal Botania’s Mambo seamlessly coalesces comfort, luxury, and versatility. Select a snug two-seater for a cosy tête à tête. Add the beautifully slatted low table, and you’ve got the perfect prop for your steaming cup of jasmine tea and dog-eared issue of Flow or Time.

Or, you could always stretch out languidly and catlike on the cushy daybed

Available in 74 different fabrics in a medley of colours and textures, Royal Botania’s new collection is the luxury lounge you won’t want to leave. And who says you have to? Mambo’s enveloping vibes radiate from the strength of two solid frames – steel and wood – for a lifetime of comfort.

Bohemian paradise awaits

Transform your terrace into a Bohemian paradise. Extravagant comfort? Versatility? A full glass of Pinot Noir with your warm Puy lentil salad? You deserve nothing less.

Now…go find those embroidered silk throw pillows.

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