Let there be light.

As the summer comes to an end and the days begin to shorten, less and less sunlight reaches your garden. Your green oasis is increasingly filled with darkness. But fortunately this does not mean that you have to get less enjoyment from your garden. With the right lighting in the right place you can highlight the details of its natural splendour. Read on and discover how you can bring out the unique character of your garden with outdoor lighting.



Start your tour, bathed in light

If you or your guests are going to walk along the paths in your back garden, it is better not to leave anything to chance. Go through it in the moonlight or install your own lighting. Then you can walk round the garden without accidents, and you create a feeling of safety.


Royal Botania ground lighting creates a mysterious but safe atmosphere. An inviting light guides you through the darkness. The design of the lamps perfectly complements their natural environment.

Arrive after sunset in a safe cocoon of light

Where do you unwind when the sun has disappeared over the horizon? Outside? In a cosy, oxygen-rich environment? Gazing at the stars and contemplating life? Or with a drink and a bite to eat, reminiscing with friends? Whatever you like to do, the experience is so much better outside.

So, create the ideal environment for these moments. How to do that? It starts with a safe cocoon of warm light. With a few stylish floor lamps in your outdoor space you can bring this sort of cocoon to life. But don’t forget, different types of lamps fulfil different needs.

Would you like to fill the whole area with warm light? Then a model like the Tristar is for you. A beautiful design with a glass shade that casts beautifully diffuse light.


Or would you like to create a bit more contrast in your environment? Then you should have a look at Ropy. It has a unique design incorporating ropes, so that the light shines through it as if it were a brazier.


Or perhaps you like to retreat in the evening? To reflect for a while and unwind after the day with a good book, for example. Then sit down under the Parker. A fun reading lamp that will keep you company during your me-time moment in the fresh air.

Bring the details to life

Don’t sit peering into the darkness, bring some light and life into it. With a few spotlights you can showcase nature’s details. An elegant dance of light and shadow will unfold in your garden. At night, Moso or Bullet will bring details to life that escape your attention during the day. Direct them up towards a large bush or tree and observe.

Even when it’s too cold to go outside, you will enjoy this spectacle. Where you used to look out of the kitchen or living room into the darkness, your view will now be filled with an enchanting scene.