With crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches, Greece is the stuff of dreams. This famous archipelago of islands attracts jet setters and nature lovers who flock to its stunning coastline seeking relaxation and wellness. Let the stress of deadlines and crush of demands fade away as you focus on the now, this very moment.

Breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly and feel your troubles melt away to nothing. This place of stillness and calm is available not just on the shores of far flung holiday destinations, but by simply stepping out your back door.

Materials used in this inspiration:

Continuing the theme of supreme relaxation is the O-ZON lounger, whose elegant curved shape is aesthetic engineering at its best. Strength, style and attention to detail are shown in the neat angles of the seat, back and footrests contrasting nicely with the smooth round lines of the lounger itself.

Every sunny terrace and bright patio needs an umbrella of strength and durability.

The PALMA does its prescribed job with ease, being the first automatic garden umbrella. With innovative mechanics and a refined and tasteful aesthetic, the practical transforms into beautiful.

Products used or suggested in this inspiration: