Taking a sip of strong hot coffee from a heavy mug. Ice clinking against crystal as top-shelf whiskey is poured. Indulging in a piece of decadent dark chocolate that slowly melts in your mouth. These simple pleasures, these small luxuries; these are what give us pleasure.

Royal Botania seeks to recreate these feelings of indulgence and comfort with the timeless luxury of their furniture collections. The ZENHIT teak furniture collection is supremely comfortable with straightforward, strong design elements that provide various layout combinations.

With individual chairs, left and right handed daybeds, corner pieces, low tables, and two and three seat units, this inviting lounge set recently expanded to include an elegant all-teak arm chair.

Cushions, featuring the entire fabric collection of Royal Botania, add comfort, and in brown, beige, tan or cream, highlight the rugged warm hues of teak.

The SHADY umbrella is the best available classic umbrella on the market today, with the utmost quality and attention to detail. Matching the chiselled lines of the teak lounge set, this weather resilient umbrella allows you to enjoy your backyard in sun or rain. So, whether you’re shaded from the sun, toasting with a sparkling glass of champagne, or curled up under a blanket sipping tea as mist lightly falls, you can continue to indulge in the small pleasures.

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