Create an inviting and luxurious outdoor space with these 5 tips

When the first rays of sun reach our terrace and garden, our internal antennae prick up and we leap into action so we can make the most of these precious hours of spring sunshine. It’s high time, therefore, to breathe new life into your favourite outdoor space. With these 5 tips from Royal Botania, you can create a superbly curated terrace or garden. Select must-have accessories, natural elements, the perfect mood lighting and comfortable furniture and you’ll be rewarded with years of luxurious enjoyment. Ready for some well-deserved me-time, or for hours of convivial conversation with family and friends?

1. From terrace to table to lounge

Whether you are sunbathing by the pool, sipping a cocktail on the terrace, or enjoying a spot of shade in the lounge, these spaces are often located close together, and therefore need to fit together. So choose from an extensive outdoor collection that has everything covered. The chameleon-esque Calypso collection offers solutions for everything: from barstool to low reclining chair, lounger or two- and three-seat benches. Everything in this broad range matches, regardless of what finish you choose. Select a traditional woven finish, or opt for the easy-care weave-effect upholstery. You can experiment freely with the 70 different varieties of fabrics and colours on offer.

luxury outdoor footstool

2. Luxurious outdoor living that will last for years

The furnishings for your outdoor space should be tasteful, but what if tastes change in a few years’ time? This won’t be a problem with Royal Botania’s Strappy collection. Its sophisticated base frame stays the same, but you can adjust the colour or material of the upholstery – the straps. Switching is easy, allowing you to create a different look & feel on your terrace in no time.

3. All-weather leather

Do you want to enjoy your terrace during summer and winter?

The latest material trend for outdoor furniture is leather. This was always a popular material for interiors, but more and more designers are now starting to work with it outdoors. Royal Botania founder and designer Kris Van Puyvelde has introduced all-weather leather in black, taupe and cognac for the Strappy collection. The natural appearance of leather aligns perfectly with the outdoor ambiance of your garden, terrace or lounge. All-weather leather is a kind of weatherproof vinyl (marine-grade) with a long lifespan thanks to its full UV resistance. Would you still prefer a fabric-style look for your terrace? Then you can choose from an extensive colour palette of more than 70 shades.

4. Must-haves for greater comfort

As our summers can be somewhat unpredictable, it’s best to be prepared for all possible weather conditions. An umbrella will protect you from a sudden shower, as well as offering you a shady spot on a scorching summer’s day. The Organix daybed from Royal Botania features a central opening for a PALMA, OAZZ or BLOOM umbrella. The most important thing is to create a comfortable and relaxed vibe. A side table for your gin and tonic or glass of rosé is no superfluous luxury, and neither is a pouf so you can stretch your legs. You can add a cosy touch to your Strappy or Calypso with matching cushions for blissfully comfortable lounging.

5. Mood lighting

There’s nothing like excessively bright lighting to put a damper on an atmospheric evening. Royal Botania to the rescue! You can choose the perfect fit for your terrace, garden or lounge from an extensive range of outdoor lighting, from floor lighting to wall-mounted fixtures. This will allow you to create a relaxed atmosphere that will enhance both your conversations and your setting.

For the finishing touches to your outdoor space, you can add exotic plants, an outdoor bar or a fire element. Then you’ll be all set for summer!

Furniture used in this inspiration